7 Tips for Hiking

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Plan Before

Hiking or go to the hospital is up to you!

Your blood marks you entered into a world that planning, preparation, self-reliance and good choice are very important.

Do not hike alone. Be clear of your destination and how to get there. Know where to have drinking water. Get weather forecast.

Do not overrate your ability. Hike wisely. You are responsible for the safety of you and your team. Go ahead, never take shortcuts.


Treat yourself well

Know your ability. Choose a suitable hike.

You will be hiking at high altitude, dry and hot dessert, with steep slope.

Everyone who hikes in the canyon for the first time said that it was harder than they thought.

Be conservative when planning hiking.

If you suffer from asthma, diabetes, heart disease, knee or back problems, or any health problems, limit your efforts and your heat exposure.

High, intense climbing, dehydration, strong internal canyon heat will combine to make any medical problems worsen. Maintain your training, physical limitations and abilities.


Light package

The less you carry, the more you enjoy the hike.

Try your best to travel light. Food and water should be the most heavy thing in your bag.

Use hiking sticks to ease your leg’s pressure. Wear well-fitting hiking boots. Take a small and lightweight flashlight, batteries and bulb.

Wear sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat. Take a map, compass, signal mirror or whistle, first aid kits and water purification tablets.

Remember that all garbage (including biodegradable) should be taken out of the canyon.


Avoid breathless

While you are hiking, you can still talking, then you speed is prefect.

When you are breathless, it means you body lack of oxygen.

Hiking at a speed that can allow you to talk, it also means your legs and body have enough oxygen to work effectively.

The less metabolic waste your body produce, the more you will enjoy your hike and feel good at the end. 

Sometimes you look slow, but at an aerobic speed(even baby-sized step when climbing the steep), you can save your energy longer.

At that night and the next day, you will also feel better.



Rest ten minutes at least within one hour.

Ten minutes rest can help you ease your leg’s metabolic waste.

Rest at least once within one hour, sit down and relax your legs.

Eat food, drink water, enjoy the view around you. These effective rest can help you regain vitality.

In the long run, rest will not make you slow.


No food, no fuel.

Eat more than you usually do, make sure you eat food before, during and after hiking.

No matter what temperature, you need water and energy to keep going.

Every hour hiking in the canyon can be compared to shoveling wet sand.

Make sure how much food and water you need during your hike, and plan accordingly.

To keep calm while hiking in the canyon, you need a large number of energy(food).

When you are hiking in the canyon, food is your body’s main fuel source.

You need eat as twice as usually to obtain the energy you need hiking in the canyon.

Any hike lasting longer than 30 minutes should use up salt snacks and water or sports drinks.

Your best defense illness and rough is healthy breakfast, regularly eating during hiking.


Look out your time

Coming back is difficult!

Plan on taking twice as long to ascend as it took to descend.

Spend 1/3 of your time to hike down, and 2/3 of your time to hike up.

Out of politeness, give the right of way to hikers.

Bring a small and lightweight flashlight in case you will hiking in the dark.


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